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مشرف تثقيف صحي - اتحاد لجان العمل الصحي

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مشرف تثقيف صحي

العمل في مشروع مشترك بين اتحاد لجان العمل الصحي و منظمة أطباء بلا حدود-بلجيكا

Overview of UHWC

UHWC is NGO leading Palestinian  knowledge-based community healthcare organazation established in 1985, contributing to community empowerment in healthcare and promoting the comprehensive concept in the Gaza Strip. Its members are gathering a healthy vision for our slogan, "Health Service is a right to whoever needs it". UHWC is achieving community health empowerment and promoting the comprehensive healthcare concept through capacity development; primary; and tertiary healthcare; culture and health, and community health communication and advocacy programs.


Generic Function:  GAZA - PALESTINE

Main Purpose

In close collaboration with the HP IEC Activities Manager, implementing and supervising educational campaigns according to MSF values, standards and procedures in order to increase awareness of the targeted population and to promote prevention and treatment of diseases in the project area


  1. In close collaboration with the HP manager, participating in the definition and update of the HP/IEC strategy and identifying indicators in order to monitor HP activities, results, and achievements. Supporting the HP manager in organizing and carrying out assessments and research on the impact of HP activities and identifying and reporting the constraints, difficulties or strength points of the HP strategy inside and outside the medical structures in order to reinforce the link between the communities and the project
  2. Providing support in selecting and developing quality pedagogical communication strategies towards the community. Planning information campaigns, including targets, objectives, methods and goals in order to increase awareness among the targeted population.
  3. Informing, according to protocols, community members and identified risk groups (prisons, army, sexual workers, etc.) about health-related issues
  4. Organizing health awareness sessions for MSF's medical and non-medical staff
  5. Identifying key actors (local authorities, local NGOs, traditional healers, formal or informal authorities) and being the focal point for the networking in order to support the dissemination of health information of the target population, and be the point of reference for the relation and networking with these subjects. 
  6. Organizing, training, and supervising the HP team in terms of planning and organizing their work, supporting, evaluating and coaching of personnel, collecting reports and reporting the activities of each health worker and regularly visiting communities that are under his/her responsibility
  7. Supervising, in close collaboration with the HR department, the HR associated processes (recruitment, training/induction, evaluation, potential detection, development and communication) of the staff under his/her responsibility in order to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required
  8. Ensuring cleanliness of IEC (information, education and communication) areas
  9. Collecting and reporting to the medical team any information linked to the health situation of the population and the patient

MSF Section/Context Specific Accountabilities

  1. Ensure HP activities are organized and implemented respecting the planning of activities and health topics in IPD, OPD and Physiotherapy with patients, caretakers and visitors. Topics include (but are not limited to)welcome messages and hospital organization, personal and wound hygiene, nutrition, importance of medecine compliance and risks of antibiotic resistance, respect of follow-up appointments
  2. Lead and perform health and hygiene promotion activities in the MSF hospital, among MSF staff, patients and their caretakers when needed. 
  3. Actively identify and analyze the needs of patient and of the medical team in relation to Health Promotion to adapt messaging and strategy accordingly
  4. Work in close collaboration with the medical team and be aware about the hygiene status and health needs in the MSF hospital. Report concerns, challenges and success to HP manager or NAM.
  5. Help organize and actively take part in the design and pre-testing of HP material, tools and messages to be adapted to the medical needs and socio-cultural context. 
  6. Help organize and actively take part in quantitative and qualitative data collection as per need and defined together with the HP Manager (e.g. socio-cultural and health assessments, MSF perception and acceptance, patient satisfaction survey, etc …)
  7. Ensure good use and respect of HP material and tools (incl. inventory)
  8. Attend internal trainings and meetings as per need and as requested by the HP Supervisor
  9. Organize and actively take part in data collection, analysis and reporting related to HP activities under the guidance of the HP manager.
  10. Organize and implement HP activities in the community and other health facilities under the guidance and supervision of the HP Manager and as per need / operational changes. 



Essential bachelor degree, preferable social sciences or education/pedagogy/or social work or any related field


  1. Essential recent working experience in health promotion activities, or training-education activities
  2. Essential previous team management experience.
  3. Desirable experience in training-education activities
  4. Desirable Socio-cultural assessment experience
  5. MSF or other NGO experience is an asset   


Mission language English and local language essential 


Desirable basic computer skills 


  1. Results and Quality Orientation L2
  2. Teamwork and Cooperation L2
  3. Behavioural Flexibility L2
  4. Commitment to MSF Principles L2 
  5. Stress Management L3

This job description may be amended in line with the activities or evolution of the Mission.

MSF is a civil society initiative that brings together individuals committed to the assistance of other human beings in crisis. As such MSF is by choice an association.

Each individual working with MSF does it out of conviction and is ready to uphold the values and principles of MSF.

How to Apply

Apply for the position with this link:

 . طلب التوظيف .. اضغط هناا

Deadline : Thursday 15th, October 2020

Only candidateds with complete employment request will be contcted,

The following papers will be requested later for those admitted (CV, Cover letter in English, ID, Univrsity certificate, Work Experience Certificate, Secondary certificate and personal photos) Origin and copy of each document

UHWC-Human Recourses Department