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SAWA Business Development Officer/Innovation and Green Economy - غزة

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Titel (m/f) - Gaza
Enabel is the Belgian development agency. It implements and coordinates Belgium’s international development policy and primarily works for the Belgian State. The agency also implements actions for other national and international donors. Enabel has 1400 staff, of which more than 70% is local personnel. Enabel manages about 150 projects, mostly in fragile states in Africa.
Job description
The business development officer will be in charge of business development interventions under the green/circular economy outcome of “Enhance resilience for micro- businesses and create sustainable livelihood opportunities in the Gaza Strip – SAWA".
(S)he will contribute to the successful achievement of the second project outcome " Empowered youth for initiating sustainable and innovative green/circular economy initiatives"
Activities related to the position
  • Participate in the technical and financial capacity assessment of the selected partner
  • Evaluate the operational and financial plans submitted by the project partner and validate it according to the project master plan and budget
  • Support and empower project partner in identifying economic sectors’ challenges and problems in the field of innovation and green/circular economy
  • Facilitate and enhance the coordination between project partner and technical colleges and universities to organize a hackathon for innovative green/circular economy solutions and initiatives
  • Ensure the quality of green/circular economy solutions generated by selected youth
  • Work closely with technical expert/s to provide coaching and mentor-ship services for the selected green economy solutions to be transformed into prototypes then into successful businesses
  • Ensure the quality of project outputs and deliverable achieved by project partners
  • Provide technical support to the other project business development officer responsible for sustainable livelihood outcome when it is needed
  • Explore further opportunities for project extension and sustainability
As expert in project management
Contribute to Planning, Implementation and Monitoring of SAWA project in order to ensure a smooth implementation of activities within budget and time-frame.
Expert in Project Management - Key Tasks
  • Contribute to the operational and financial planning of activities
  • Support the intervention manager to develop baseline assessment to the project
  • Ensure the implementation and follow-up of innovative green/circular economy solutions in compliance with the grant agreements with project partner;
  • Organise technical meetings, prepare their agenda and minutes;
  • Close technical follow up with project partners and provide technical advises to their team when it is needed
  • Contribute to the monitoring of project indicators, update regularly the internal monitoring tools on the progress of activities; contribute to the internal and external reporting on the project;
  • Plan, follow-up, prepare and review the progress payments of the project partners, in close collaboration with the national intervention manager and the finance officer
  • Contribute to all contractual matters and correspondences pertinent to the projects;
  • Participate in the evaluations (MTR, ETR) and capitalisation of the project.
As Expert in Innovation for Green/Circular Economy
Bring technical expertise in these fields in order to ensure technical innovation and respect of all applicable norms, standards and best practices.
As Expert in innovation for Green/Circular Economy - Key Tasks
  • Participate in identifying sectors that will be targeted by the project partners
  • Contribute to the drafting or reviewing of Terms of Reference or technical specifications for the consultancies
  • Participate in recruiting project consultants and experts
  • Ensure a close collaboration with the project consultant/s to facilitate the implementation of different project activities
  • Review and approve all technical documents produced by consultants (manuals, training materials, procedures.etc.)
  • Supervise the professional implementation of all project activities related to green/circular economy by the local partner
  • Supervise the selection of project beneficiaries according to the pre-agreed selection criteria in the grant agreement
  • Ensure the quality of interventions provided to the project beneficiaries, including training, coaching and seed funding
  • Evaluate the performance of the consultants and project partners;
  • Apply and implement a strict progress control system to ensure that the milestone dates are met.
Level of Education Required for the Job
Master degree in business administration, economics, engineering or equivalent
Experience Required for the Job
  • At least 5 years’ experience in designing and supervising business development projects;
  • At least 2 years’ experience in the field of green/circular economy and innovation;
  • At least 5 years’ experience in project management;
  • At least 4 years’ experience in working on development within NGOs or international organisations.
Technical Skills Required for the Job
  • Arabic as mother tongue
  • Fluent in speaking and writing English and Modern Standard Arabic;
  • Good knowledge of the context of vulnerable areas in Gaza Strip;
  • Very good knowledge of the economic sector gaps in terms of innovation and green economy
  • Ability to write clear and concise reports and other administrative and technical documents;
  • Good communication, presentation and facilitation skills;
  • Mature, good communicator and team-player;
  • Able to work under stressful conditions and not objecting to overtime and field missions;
  • Excellent professional knowledge of MS Office
  • Having a valid driving license
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