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Consultancy: Communication Consultant-Gaza
Gaza Emergency Cash for Work and Self-Employment Support
Desired Qualifications
The consultant should have the following qualifications and competencies:
  • Bachelor degree in Communications, Social Science, Media, English or any other related fields.
  • 5 years of solid experience in the field.
  • Proven experience in writing success stories both in Arabic and English
  • Proven experience in capturing high quality photos and producing short films
Objective of the assignment
NDC is seeking the services of a Communications Consultant in Gaza to provide support in the documentation of the C4W and e-work sub-projects activities through capturing high quality photos and videos,  helping partner NGOs in writing success stories in English and Arabic, and any other promotional and visibility material as needed by NDC.
The Communication Consultant will work in close coordination with Gaza Programs Manager and the Program Officers, and coordinates his work with the Media Coordinator at the NDC main office
Scope of Work
The consultant is required to fulfill the following scope of work:
  1. Identify with the Program Officers cases for building success stories;
  2. Participate occasionally in field visits to identify cases for documentation
  3. Assist partner NGOs in writing good success stories in English and Arabic;
  4. Write success stories both in Arabic and English
  5. Take high quality photos of ongoing projects and file them in NDC photo library;
  6. Write periodic short updates on the success of the project in reaching out to target youth and providing social services;
  7. Participate in visibility events, visits, ceremonies and document such events;
  8. Coordinate with local and Arabic radio/TV channels for media coverage of the project/sub-projects;
  9. Capture high quality video footages/interviews to be used in the production of documentary films.
Level of Effort & Timeframe
The expected level of effort until December 31, 2020 is up to 75 working days. The Consultant will coordinate his work plan closely with the Gaza Programs Manager.
 Contract Duration
The duration of this contract extends from the date of signature until December 31, 2020, with a possibility of extension upon the consent of both parties.
Contractual Arrangements
NDC will sign a time-based contract with the Consultant. Payments will be made based on a payment request submitted by the Consultant and supported by time sheets.
How to apply:
Interested candidates are encouraged to submit a CV and one page letter explaining why the applicant is fit for the position to no later than Sunday 16/2/2020.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.