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Job Vacancy                                                                                  
Full time
        Medical Home Service Project – MHS
Doctors Worldwide – Turkey DWWT is an international humanitarian aid organization which serves medical relief to communities in need through the provision of sustainable medical relief and health-based development programs over 40 countries worldwide.
Doctors Worldwide – Turkey is currently implementing “Medical Home Service “Project in Gaza Strip which aims to provide a comprehensive rehabilitation services to wounded people and people with disability in Gaza Strip.
DWWT encourage candidates to apply for a Physiotherapist position as following
Main Tasks and Duties: 
1.Conduct office work and field work with the project team according to your profession.
2.Conduct a field visits to the beneficiaries to assess their medical needs according to your profession.
3.Prepare a Treatment Plan for each case according to patient needs and requirements and make any necessary changes.
4.Provision of Physiotherapy services to the beneficiaries in-house or inside a Health Clinic or any site determined by Project Coordinator.
5.Provide the beneficiaries with a proper training to use the Assistive Devices and follow up with them during the whole treatment process.
6.Follow up the case and make the necessary amendment in the Treatment Plan in coordination with other project staff. 
7.Write a periodic report according to the requirements and instructions by Project Coordinator for a specific implemented action.
8.Provide the information necessary for the beneficiaries and their families and the ways, mechanisms to deal with the current situation and tips to get to the psychological self-acceptance and satisfaction.
9.Perform any needed training for other project staff or beneficiaries and their families which will be determined and planned by the Project Coordinator.
10.Perform any tasks assigned by the Project Coordinator.
11.Maintain the confidentiality and privacy of patients and project works.
12.Follow and adhere to administrative sequence and chain of commands 
Required Skills and Competences:
1.Bachelor degree in physical therapy from an accredited university with practical experience not less than 2 years in same field.
2.Has a practicing license from the Ministry of Health.
3.Good looking and courteous in speech and able to persuade the assigned tasks.
4.Team player and working under pressure.
5.Computer skills and using of Microsoft office.
6.Preparing and writing report by English and Arabic language.
7.Fluent English language (Reading, Writing and Speaking).
8.Ability to work under emergency situation.

The candidates who meet the required qualifications are invited to fill the application on:
Submission deadline is on Sunday 10th March 2019 at 2:00pm
Only short listed will be contacted.
For further information please contact us on:
 Tel:  +97 08 2861529