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Position Title: Project Coordinator (PC-Full time 100%)

Place: The National Society for Rehabilitation (NSR)- (Gaza and North Governorates)
Reports To: Executive director- General Supervisor 

Period: 5 months


The National Society for Rehabilitation (NSR) is a non-profit, a non-governmental association, working toward the rights of Persons with Disabilities through different strategies (rights, advocacy, and community empowerment). NSR was established in 1990 and still working in the field of rehabilitation and disability adopting Community Based Rehabilitation Program (CBR) which is implemented in 25 geographical locations in the Gaza strip which covers four governorates of Gaza Strip: Gaza, Middle Area, Khan Younis, and Rafah.

Job Summary:

NSR in partnership with Campaign for the Children of Palestine “CCP- Japan” organization will start "Emergency Medical Relief and Food/NFI Provision for the Persons with Disabilities and Vulnerable Households affected by the 2021 Gaza War" project. The project will contribute to promote independence of the persons with disabilities and in need for the treatment, without being left behind from the reconstruction process in Gaza and North Governorates

S/he will be reporting directly to the Executive Director- General Supervisor and work on all program activities. 

Main duties and Responsibilities:

  1. General Responsibility 

  • Plan, coordinate and implement each activity with CCP project team;

  • Monitor progress of the project activities and update the NSR direct supervisor and CCP project coordinator.

  • Assist the NSR direct supervisor with any financial and daily accounting activities regarding procurement of items relevant to the projects;

  • Maintain record of any activities related to the project in both forms of hard and electronic copies;

  • Ensure adherence to any implementation and reporting deadline;

  • Take the responsibility to maintain all the equipment and devices of the center safe. 

  • Take on any other relevant tasks required administrative tasks on ad-hoc basis.

1.2 Project Activities Management:

  • Support the outreach and PT clinic teams in setting their intervention plans in line with the project indicators and field needs.

  • Organize the assessment, provision of rehabilitation services and referral of people with disability and patients.

  • Ensure team’s training to families and caregivers on basic rehabilitation exercises and proper using of resources and informative materials.

  • Support the outreach teams to organize and conduct home visits to and the PT clinic team to conduct the intervention sessions to the   people with disabilities according to the project identified services criteria.

  • Ensure that each team members understand their responsibilities and are using the appropriate assessment tools to identify, meet the multidisciplinary rehabilitation needs and follow up with the beneficiaries.

  • Support, follow-up and supervise the work of the teams and ensure services’ quality criteria respect.

  • Coordinate all referrals of beneficiaries towards relevant services in collaboration with the social worker 

  • Facilitate the Project Team field work and technical support to the outreach and clinic teams.

  • Coordinate with CCP and the appropriate stakeholders to ensure members are receiving the required support to identify target beneficiaries and their families, assess their needs and to ensure these means are provided; organize and implement trainings when required, and other activities related to project activities implementation as per the needs. 

1.3 Human Resources Management:

  • Manage multidisciplinary outreach team members.

  • Provide administrative and technical support to the team to fulfill their work in respect to the project action plan

  • Ensure team’s consideration to the services quality criteria and conduct field follow up and support visits.

  • Support the team in setting up the weekly plans and ensure qualitative and quantitative indicators are achieved.

  • Enhance the multidisciplinary approach in services provision through facilitating weekly coordination meetings with the Team in order to review progress and set common therapeutic goals and intervention plans by the different members / disciplines.  

  • Ensure all team’s services are provided in a professional and ethical manner

1.4 Monitoring and communication 

  • Assist in the development, management, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the project;

  • Monitor progress activities of the project implementation against benchmarks as well as financial progress;

  • Conduct field visits to ensure that the project plan is implemented in a proper manner and achieves the desired outcomes& take photographs and shoot videos;

  • Prepare and conduct pre-post questionnaire accordingly, and enter the data;

  • Communicate with CCP staff and, report of their comments and feedbacks for any improvements for the projects.

1.5 Record keeping and Report and coordination

  • Report to the Program Officer and CCP coordinator on daily basis at least one time. If necessary, report more frequently or set up a meeting in person;

  • Submit a weekly report to CCP project Coordinator by the end of each week.

  • Submit a monthly narrative report on detailed activities to CCP Project Coordinator by the end of each month;

  • Submit time-sheet including actual working time engaged in the project once a month directly to NSR direct supervisor;

  • Ensure all reports are provided to NSR direct supervisor and CCP Team on weekly bases respecting the agreed forms and deadlines 

  • Ensure that all donations made are accompanied with a signed donation certificate.

  • Apply the project monitoring tools on quarterly basis and report results to NSR direct supervisor and CCP project Coordinator.

  • Write case studies and success stories on beneficiaries and activities of the project

  • Maintain accurate records of activities and assessments conducted, support and services provided, and referrals made.  

  • Submit all relevant photographs and videos via online resources, along with the video transcripts and captions for the photos with translation to English if required;

  • Submit a final narrative report to CCP within 1 month from the end of project.

  • Maintain a very positive image of NSR at all times and in all circumstances.

1.6 Accounting

  • Assist the NSR direct supervisor and accountant with any financial and daily accounting activities regarding procurement of items relevant to the project, such as facilitating collection of financial documents, scanning, translating and storing the financial documents and data;

  • Assist the procurement assistant to keep any purchased items for relevant activities and their timely submission of those records.

Academic and Professional Qualifications and Experience:

  1. A minimum university degree in Social Science, Business Administration, English, project management or any related discipline. 

  2. Years of Experience from 3- 5 in the private, public or NGO sector. significant experience in project management, community development, working on humanitarian assistance, similar projects is desirable.

  3. Strong writing and documentation skills.

  4. Excellent English verbal and written communication skills.

  5. Strong computer skills (Word, Excel, e-mail).

  6. Very positive communication and interpersonal skills.

  7. Excellent networking and coordination skills

  8. Excellent teamwork skills and spirit.

  9. Proven ability to multi-task and meet deadlines; also, to develop progress reports;

Additional Requirements: 

 Prefer Candidates living in North or Gaza Governorates.

How to Apply: 

  1. Qualified candidates can submit the following documents via 

2. The most recent CV including 3 professional contacts as references.  

Deadline for submitting applications 01/09/2021, no later than 01:00 PM

Applications from candidates with disabilities are especially welcome, particularly women.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.