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May be an image of ‎text that says '‎الصحي العمل لجان اتحاد Union Hea Work Committees خارجي إعلان IPD NURSING TEAM SUPERVISOR Overview of UHWC UHWC NGO leading Palestinian knowledge-based community healthcare organazation established contributing community empowermen nealthcare promoting the comprehensive concept the Gaza Strip.Its members are gathering healthy vision slogan Service whoever needs UHWC achieving health promoting the healthcare concept primary; tertiary health, and advocacy through community health Title: IPD NURSING SUPERVISOR Position in the Organization Reports (Hierarchical): Reports Functional) Job Family: Supervises (Function): Nursing Activity Manager Nursing Activity Manager Medical Nurses and Hygienists Palestine Gaza Strip Behind Sweedi Clnic Opposite Emaik: Website: الأعلی فلسطين‎'‎

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