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مطلوب مثقف صحي / Health Promoter اتحاد لجان العمل الصحي – غزة

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مثقف صحي
العمل في مشروع مشترك بين اتحاد لجان العمل الصحي و منظمة أطباء بلا حدود-بلجيكا

Overview of UHWC

UHWC is NGO leading Palestinian  knowledge-based community healthcare organazation established in 1985, contributing to community empowerment in healthcare and promoting the comprehensive concept in the Gaza Strip. Its members are gathering a healthy vision for our slogan, "Health Service is a right to whoever needs it". UHWC is achieving community health empowerment and promoting the comprehensive healthcare concept through capacity development; primary; and tertiary healthcare; culture and health, and community health communication and advocacy programs.


Generic Function:  GAZA - PALESTINE

Main Purpose

  • Implement Health Promotion/IEC (Information, Education, Communication) activities with patients and local population to raise their knowledge and skills on relevant medical topics.


  • Inform patients and communities about MSF and services it provides. 
  • According to medical priorities, deliver information to the patients and community on specific health topics 
  • Implement activities of health education and awareness (sessions in schools, churches, community), under the indications and supervision of the HP Supervisor. 
  • Under the guide of HP Supervisor, assess the impact of activities (with questions, verifications and behaviors observations), and report problems, success and constraints to him/her. 
  • Collect all type of information related to specific health and living conditions of the population, in particular to identify the most vulnerable populations to target. 
  • Report to HP Supervisor: activities, problems met, strengths and constraints. 

MSF Section/Context Specific Accountabilities

Additional activities

  • Organize activities according to priorities and respect of activity planning – well-structured sessions are organized in IPD, OPD and Physiotherapy for health promotion and health education sessions. Topics include (but are not limited to) personal and wound hygiene, proper use of medication, respect of follow-up appointments
  • Support Medical staff and Medical Secretary for patients for admission by providing welcome talks such as hospital organization, visiting hours, number of caretakers etc.
  • Support for further health education for discharge patients – importance of medicine compliance, proper hygiene and respect of appointments.
  • Actively identify and analyze the needs of patient in relation to Health promotion i.e. formulate and conduct health promotion sessions for patient in waiting area. 
  • Perform hygiene promotion in the MSF hospital, among MSF staff, patients and their caretakers. Be aware about the hygiene status and health needs in the MSF hospital and report concerns, challenges and success to HP supervisor. 
  • Offer patient and caretaker support and orientation towards services (eg. physiotherapy)
  • Work in close collaboration with the medical team to identify, report and respond to patients’ need as well as support the medical team through adequate HP activities and messages (including participation in emergency activities in case of need)
  • Attend internal trainings and meetings as per need and as requested by the HP Supervisor
  • Participate in the design and pre-testing of HP material, tools and messages to be adapted to the medical needs and socio-cultural context. 
  • Participate in quantitative and qualitative data collection as per need and defined by the supervisor (e.g. socio-cultural and health assessments, MSF perception and acceptance, patient satisfaction survey, etc …)
  • Gather accurate and relevant data about health promotion activities, surveys and information about socio-cultural context.
  • Give accurate information on health topics using social media (Facebook, Whatsapp, ..) in line with HP standard message guides and Q&A / Talking points, and liaise with HP Manager when unsure about the answer in order to provide appropriate information. 
  • Handle questions and comments from the audience in a polite way, using an appropriate language and being flexible with the interlocutor. 
  • Propose messages to the Digital HP based on feedback from the target community and report important information given by the beneficiaries or personal observations.     

جميع الحقوق محفوظة لموقع جوبس.

متطلبات الوظيفة


  • University degree in social science, social communication, nurse or teaching.


  • Preferable previous experience in health promotion, teaching, nursing, social work, community mobilization.
  • Previous experience with youth and children an asset


  • Local language essential, English Proficiency is an advantage (B1 spoken and written highly desirable).


  • Computer literacy highly desirable 
  • Creative skills an asset


  • Proficiency with social media platforms, particularly Facebook and WhatsApp
  • Results
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility
  • Commitment
  • Service
  • Stress Management 

This job description may be amended in line with the activities or evolution of the Mission

MSF is a civil society initiative that brings together individuals committed to the assistance of other human beings in crisis. As such MSF is by choice an association.
Each individual working with MSF does it out of conviction and is ready to uphold the values and principles of MSF.

آلية التقديم

Apply for the position with this link: 

Deadline :Thursday 1st, October 2020

Only candidateds with complete employment request will be contcted,

Send the following (CV  , cover letter in English,ID ,Univrsity certificate,Work Experience Certificate, Secondary certificate and personal photos) Origin and copy of each document

UHWC-Human Recourses Department