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Job Title: Facebook Ads Specialist

توظيف كوم
Job Title: Facebook Ads Specialist
Company: Smarteletec – Gaza Office
Contract: Annual with 3 month probation period
Knowledge Level: Professional
Years of Experience: 2+
Last Day of Application: Thursday 28/6/2018

About Us:
Smarteletec is a Spanish company established in 2012 with offices in Spain, Qatar, Jordan and Gaza and specializes in Mobile Design & Development, VoIP Development & Security, VAS and Telecom.

  • Understand the marketing funnel to be able to direct different types of customers within the marketing funnel through the ads
  • Plan, deploy, maintain, analyze and develop Facebook paid campaigns
  • A/B test multi Facebook ads at the same time that target different segments to better optimize ad performance within the given budget
  • Come up with creative ad copies and content for each market segment while working directly with the designer
  • Analyze Facebook ads performance results and report key insights with personal notes and recommendations to help improve the app and turn these insights into actions
  • Continuously strive to grow ad performance through employing new tactics and innovative opportunities while maintaining a steady growth in current campaign performance
  • Explore and evaluate the expansion into new paid marketing channels (Other social media platforms, Google Adwords, Display Networks) 

  • At least 2 years of experience in Facebook ads in the international market
  • Full knowledge of Facebook's ad algorithm, ad creation and data analysis tools
  • Up to date with Facebook ads latest changes, trends and best practices 
  • Analytical and data driven skills
  • Organized with good time management skills
  • Creative and out of the box thinker
  • Strong Arabic and English language skills
  • Experience in other social media ads and Adwords is a plus++

If you think you have the requirements to apply, please send your CV to with email title “Facebook Ads Specialist”. If you have experience in other types of ads besides Facebook please specify in your email.